Interlake Community Foundation

Box 1575
Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0

Registered Charitable Number: 892930165 RR0001
Manitoba Region: Interlake


The Interlake Community Foundation provides the citizens of Rockwood, Rosser, Stonewall, Teulon and Woodlands the opportunity to invest in the future of their community and region forever.


Dedicated to improving the communities of the RM of Rockwood, RM of Woodlands, RM of Rosser, Town of Stonewall and the Town of Teulon. We started in 1994, and now have over $730,000 in assets.


  • Bob Beck
  • Ila Buchanan
  • Rhonda Cameron
  • Cherise Griffin
  • Linda Lamoureux
  • Cheryle McClure
  • Eilene Myskiw
  • Murray Slagerman
  • Ross Thompson
  • Sharon van Kemenade
  • Chad Willis


  • Tracy Holod

Foundation Funds

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Interlake Community Foundation Funds

The Lorne And Irene Ferley Endowment Fund Funds two awards, the Lorne Ferley Scholarship and the Michael Ferley Bursary, both for graduates of Teulon Collegiate Institute.
The Beck Family Fund Will fund a scholarship and also a grant to be used on a project in the Town of Stonewall.
The Janet Kuchma Scholarship Fund Will fund a scholarship for a student of Teulon Collegiate.
The Ben And Marjorie King Memorial Scholarship Fund Awarded to a graduate of Warren Collegiate. A part of the criteria to receive this award is individual involvement and contribution to the community.
Michael A. Lindell Automotive Scholarship Fund This award began as a tribute to Michael Lindell, who passed away following a car accident and would have graduated in the year 2004.
The Reverend Barry Grant Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship Fund This scholarship is awarded to a student who not only has good academic standing but volunteers and is involved in their church, community and school.
Dave & Annette Unrau Award Will fund an award for a student at Stonewall Collegiate Institute. Student has shown improvement during the year (either in behaviour or marks).
Percy & Mary Durham Fund Established by a bequest from the Estate of Mary Durham, this fund supports projects in the Stony Mountain area.
The G.M. Willis Family Scholarship Fund George Willis and his family have started a new scholarship fund.
Teulon Hunter Memorial Health District Fund This fund annually provides grants to the Teulon Hunter Memorial Health District for a health-related project.
Stonewall Family Foods Fund Dave Kalnuk, owner of Stonewall Family Foods, started this fund to benefit non-profits in the area.
Helen & Herbert Kletke Fund This fund makes grants to projects in the Teulon area.

Recent Grants

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2018 Community Grants - Total $17,574

South Interlake Seniors Resource Council Inc. Computer to expand programs $1,386
South Interlake Regional Library Stonewall Replace rooftop heating/cooling system $1,155
Grosse Isle Memorial Park Recreation Club Replace large cooler fridge $1,183
Interlake School Division-Bobby Bend PAC 9 sets of snowshoes or skis $1,170
Stony Mountain Child Care Centre Co-op Inc. New washer and dryer for new centre $1,296
Association for Community Living-Interlake Greenhouse to teach skills to persons with disabilities $1,183
Rosser Central Community Club Inc. Rebuild and upgrade electrical room to bring up to fire code $1,183
Teulon & District Museum & Historical Society, Inc Install a new exterior door in Ukrainian house $350
RM of Rockwood Balmoral Recreational Enterprises Inc Material to replace worn carpet around curling ice $1,850
RM of Rockwood– Argyle Memorial Community Centre Inc Tables and carpet and refinish hardwood floors $1,850
Vintage Locomotive Society–Grosse Isle Heritage Site Asphalt underneath existing picnic shelter $1,183
Teulon Day Care Inc. Child-sized furniture for library area $633
South Interlake 55 Plus Technology upgrade for programs $1,380
South Interlake Regional Library Teulon Materials to hang sign in Teulon $1,155
Town of Teulon–Green Acres Art Centre Musical instruments for programs $1,623
Teulon Hunter Memorial District Health FDN TBD $1,818
Leadership awards to Stonewall, Teulon and Warren Collegiates for grads $300 each school $900

2018 Scholarships - Total $8,023

A.H. Campbell Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $100
Beck Family Scholarship Grad from Stonewall Collegiate $500
D & A Unrau Award Grad from Stonewall Collegiate $500
Dr Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $100
Hunter-Cumming Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $175
Janet Kuchma Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $298
Ben & Marjorie King Scholarship 2x 1400.00awards Grad from Warren Collegiate $2,800
M. A. Lindell Automotive Scholarship Grad from Warren Collegiate $1,000
Lorne Ferley Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $825
Michael Ferley Bursary Grad from Teulon Collegiate $1,000
Dr. Rev Barry Grant Rasmussen Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $500
TCI Alumni Scholarship Grad from Teulon Collegiate $225
2018 Total Distributed: $25,597

Grant Deadlines

February 28

Foundation Highlights

Endowment funds with ICF give back to local communities

Article in The Stonewall Teulon Tribune – Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anyone who has volunteered their time at a community event or supported a charitable cause like the Food Bank can tell you that giving back feels good.

However, when it comes to making monetary donations to organizations, we often feel some level of skepticism and unrest. We might ask, “What is my money being used for? Is it helping those who need it most? How can I be sure that my donation isn’t just lining the pockets of some bigwig CEO?”

If this story sounds relatable, it may be time to consider an endowment fund with…

Read the full story here – Endowment funds with ICF give back to local communities [PDF]

Community Living Interlake

Chad Willis, ICF Treasurer, presenting a grant to participants in the day program of Community Living Interlake for an iPad.

Community Living Interlake