Make a Gift to Your Manitoba Foundation

To make a gift, contact any community foundation by mail or phone.

* Listed alphabetically. Click on Manitoba Region to sort the community foundations by region.

Community Foundation Manitoba Region
Altona Community Foundation
P.O. Box 2076
Altona, MB   R0G 0B0
South Central
Beautiful Plains Community Foundation
Box 486
Neepawa, MB   R0J 1H0
ph: 204-476-2681 :: email
Big Grass Community Foundation Inc.
Box 497
Gladstone, MB   R0J 0T0
ph: 204-385-2456 :: email
North Central
Birtle and District Foundation Inc.
Box 598
Birtle, MB   R0M 0C0
ph: 204-842-3602 :: email
Boissevain & Morton Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 1075 - 418 South Railway
Boissevain, MB   R0K 0E0
ph: 204-534-8161 :: email
Brandon Area Community Foundation Inc.
Unit 5A 457 9th Street, DPO Box 22096
Brandon, MB   R7A 6Y9
ph: 204-571-0529 :: email
Brokenhead River Community Foundation
P.O. Box 2225
Beausejour, MB   R0E 0C0
ph: 204-268-2964 :: email
Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc.
Box 807, 40 Main Street
Carberry, MB   R0K 0H0
ph: 204-476-0075 :: email
Carman Area Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 160
Carman, MB   R0G 0J0
ph: 204-745-6947 :: email
South Central
Cartwright and Area Foundation Inc.
PO Box 396
Cartwright, MB   R0K 0L0
South Central
Coldwell Community Foundation Inc.
PO Box 154
Lundar, MB   R0C 1Y0
ph: 204-762-5727 :: email
Cypress River & Area Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 86
Cypress River, MB   R0K 0P0
ph: 204-743-2281 :: email
South Central
Dauphin & District Community Foundation
P.O. Box 6, 100 Main Street South
Dauphin, MB   R7N 2T9
ph: 204-638-4598 :: email
Elkhorn and Area Foundation
Box 25
Elkhorn, MB   R0M 0N0
ph: 204-845-2584 :: email
Francofonds Inc.
101 - 205 Provencher Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB   R2H 0G4
ph: 204-237-5852 :: email
The Glenboro Area Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 147, 604 Railway Avenue
Glenboro, MB   R0K 0X0
ph: 204-827-2715 :: email
South Central
Grandview & District Community Foundation Inc.
Box 238
Grandview, MB   R0L 0Y0
ph: 204-546-2202 :: email
Hamiota Community Foundation
PO Box 100, 75 Maple Ave. E
Hamiota, MB   R0M 0T0
ph: 204-764-3050 ext. 102 :: email
Headingley Community Foundation Inc.
5353 Portage Avenue
Headingley, MB   R4H 1J9
ph: 204-889-3132 ext. 2 :: email
North Central
Holland & Area Community Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 87
Holland, MB   R0G 0X0
ph: 204-526-2257 :: email
South Central
Icelandic River Community Foundation
Box 159, 337 River Road
Arborg, MB   R0C 0A0
ph: 204-376-2724 :: email
Interlake Community Foundation
Box 1575
Stonewall, MB   R0C 2Z0
ph: 204-467-5634 :: email
The Killarney Foundation
P.O. BOX 1180
Killarney, MB   R0K 1G0
ph: 204-523-4671 :: email
Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation Inc.
Box 744
Lac du Bonnet, MB   R0E 1A0
ph: 204-345-2118 :: email
Living Legacy Community Foundation Inc.
Box 1343
Russell, MB   R0J 1W0
ph: 204-773-3542 :: email
Miami and Area Foundation Inc.
Box 334, 453 Norton Ave.
Miami, MB   R0G 1H0
ph: 204-435-2473 :: email
South Central
Minnedosa & District Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 1980
Minnedosa, MB   R0J 1E0
Morden Area Foundation
PO Box 50049, 100 - 379 Stephen Street
Morden, MB   R6M 1V1
ph: 204-822-5614 :: email
South Central
Morris Area Foundation Inc
Box 282
Morris, MB   R0G 1K0
ph: 204-746-2504 :: email
South Central
North Norfolk - MacGregor Foundation
Box 696
MacGregor, MB   R0H 0R0
ph: 204-857-2856 :: email
North Central
Northern Neighbours Foundation
PO Box 802
Flin Flon, MB   R8A 1N6
ph: 204-687-5715 :: email
Oak Lake and Area Foundation
Box 133
Oak Lake, MB   R0M 1P0
ph: 204-855-2810 :: email
Pembina Manitou Area Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 535
Manitou, MB   R0G 1G0
ph: 204-242-2669 :: email
South Central
Pilot Mound & District Foundation Inc.
Box 235
Pilot Mound, MB   R0G 1P0
ph: 204-825-7819 :: email
South Central
Pinawa Community Foundation Inc.
Box 100
Pinawa, MB   R0E 1L0
ph: 204-753-2255 ext. 62272 :: email
Plum Coulee Community Foundation Inc.
Box 36
Plum Coulee, MB   R0G 1R0
ph: 204-829-3243 :: email
South Central
Community Foundation of Portage and District
11 - Second Street N.E.
Portage La Prairie, MB   R1N 1R8
ph: 204-856-1971 :: email
North Central
The Reston and Area Foundation Inc.
Box 515
Reston, MB   R0M 1X0
ph: 204-877-3902 :: email
Rivers and Area Community Foundation
Box 714
Rivers, MB   R0K 1X0
Roblin District Community Foundation Inc.
Box 1599
Roblin, MB   R0L 1P0
ph: 204-937-4241 :: email
Selkirk & District Community Foundation
200 Eaton Avenue
Selkirk, MB   R1A 0W6
ph: 204-785-9755 :: email
Shoal Lake Community Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 323
Shoal Lake, MB   R0J 1Z0
ph: 204-759-3343
Souris Glenwood Foundation
PO Box 518
Souris, MB   R0K 2C0
ph: 204-483-2605 or 204-483-3403 :: email
Southwest Manitoba Regional Foundation
Box 338
Deloraine, MB   R0M 0M0
ph: 204-747-2885 :: email
The Steinbach Community Foundation Inc.
PO Box 2044
Steinbach, MB   R5G 1N6
ph: 204-326-9877 :: email
Sturgeon Community Foundation Inc.
Box 129, 115 Waddell Avenue
Dominion City, MB   R0A 0H0
ph: 204-427-2322 :: email
Community Foundation of Swan Valley Inc.
P.O. Box 1509
Swan River, MB   R0L 1Z0
ph: 204-734-9129 :: email
Thompson Community Foundation
PO Box 1074
Thompson, MB   R8N 1N9
ph: 204-677-1908 :: email
Tiger Hills Community Foundation
P.O. Box 342
Treherne, MB   R0G 2V0
ph: 204-723-2312 :: email
South Central
Virden Area Foundation, Inc.
Box 2319
Virden, MB   R0M 2C0
ph: 204-748-3419 :: email
Wawanesa Community Foundation
PO Box 172
Wawanesa, MB   R0K 2G0
ph: 204-824-2475 or 204-724-5049 :: email
Westshore Community Foundation
Box 395
Gimli, MB   R0C 1B0
ph: 204-642-9796 :: email
Winkler Community Foundation
185 Main Street
Winkler, MB   R6W 1B4
ph: 204-362-9292 :: email
South Central
The Winnipeg Foundation
1350 - One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 0X3
ph: 204-944-9474
tf: 1-877-974-3631 :: email
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