Help your community flourish forever!

Gifts to your community foundations’ UNRESTRICTED FUNDS on Saturday, Nov. 16 will be stretched thanks to funding from The Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba government.

  • For every $5 gift, The Winnipeg Foundation will add $1 (to a max. of $2,000 per foundation).
  • For every $5 gift, the Manitoba government will contribute $1 (to a max. of $2,000 per foundation).

Gifts to The Winnipeg Foundation’s unrestricted fund are not stretched.

On Saturday, Nov. 16 your $5 gift becomes $7!

Questions? Contact Denise Campbell at 204-944-9474 (toll free 1-877-974-3631) or email.

The 24-Hour Giving Challenge begins in:

2019/11/16 00:00:00
Please come back and make a gift during the 24-Hour Giving Challenge.