About the Program

The Manitoba Heritage Trust Program provides support for museums, archives, and supporting organizations to establish and grow endowment funds providing long-term sustainable revenue for their organization.

The program, initiated by the Manitoba government, is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation with support from the Association of Manitoba Museums and the Association for Manitoba Archives.

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Program & Application Resources

Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP)
Program details
MHTP Guidelines - Inside Winnipeg
Step-by-step outline for organizations inside Winnipeg or with no local community foundation
MHTP Guidelines - Outside Winnipeg
Step-by-step outline for organizations outside of Winnipeg
MHTP Application Form
To save your completed application form, save the blank form to your computer. Open the form with Adobe, fill in and save.

Manitoba Heritage Trust Fund

Check out the funds that have been established through the program – Heritage Funds.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Province of Manitoba announced the Manitoba Heritage Trust Program at the St. Vital Museum.

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